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Almost all successful people have had mentors help them grow and develop.

Whether you’re about to join the world of work, looking to start your own business or climb the career ladder, it’s worthwhile having a mentor to guide your career footsteps. Mentors show a passion for their job, and enjoy the opportunity to guide you towards your desired career goals. They will help you build your character, gain self-awareness, focus on your goals, challenge you and help maximise your potential.

Mentor-mentee matches are based on the mentee’s development needs and mentor’s experience, strengths and style, to ensure the programme is as impactful as it can be.


Your goals are within reach.

  • Find a mentor that matches your experience and preferences.

  • Set up specific goals to work towards with your mentor.

  • Structured regular sessions to keep you on track.

Applications are open for one week every three months.

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